Knife Review: Ruike “Fang” P105-K

In the words of Ben from Blade HQ…. WHATTTT ISSSS UPPPP GUYSSSS??? Hahaha!

I’m back at it again with another knife review – this time, we look at a smooth flippin’ knife from Ruike Knives. Today I answer a few questions and give my honest feedback on this knife based on real-time carry experience. Questions will be answered, like what does Fenix Flashlights have to do with this knife? Or, Is this knife worth listening to this freakin’ video for damn near half an hour? Check out the video for more info! 🙂 Continue reading “Knife Review: Ruike “Fang” P105-K”

Are CZ P10c and Glock19 Holsters Compatible? Let’s Find Out !!

Hey there DCS crew – so the StayReadyGear video I posted a few episodes back shows off some quality kydex gear for my P10c (Click Here for Video) …. but after hearing that it may be compatible with some other firearms (like the Glock 19), we put that claim to the test, adding a few other holsters to the mix to see what works, and what doesn’t!

Continue reading “Are CZ P10c and Glock19 Holsters Compatible? Let’s Find Out !!”

Knife Review: Real Steel G5 Metamorph

Whats up DCS peeps? Today’s review is on the Real Steel G5 Metamorph, a budget front flipper that sports a sleek design and an awesome action through the use of ball bearings. Not a bad knife at all, though some improvements could be made. Kudos to Real Steel for putting out a good quality front flipper at under $100 Check out the video below for more info! Continue reading “Knife Review: Real Steel G5 Metamorph”

Knife Review: Spyderco Delica – The Prodigal Son

Whats up DCS crew!

Today’s review is on a knife I’ve bought, sold, traded, and somehow always seem to have at least one in my edc lineup. It’s that ‘gotta have it’ folder from Spyderco – a bit of an edc right of passage if you will. One of the best sellers in their collection, the Delica, simply put, sets the standard for most knives in it’s category and price point, and stands out as one of the smoothest backlock folders you will ever find. Check out the video for more info! Continue reading “Knife Review: Spyderco Delica – The Prodigal Son”

Holster Review: StayReadyGear (CZ P10c)

Hello again DCS crew!

DCS, as you know, is all about finding gear that allows the end user to face their tasks and needs with optimal efficiency. Considering the sheer number of gun owners in the USA (myself included), navigating through the sea of holster makers can be a daunting task for the newcomer and seasoned concealed carrier alike. Luckily, Joseph at Stay Ready Gear has put together some great products to assist people like myself and other gun owners with holsters in several orientations for a large list (and growing) of firearms. Today’s video is about the holsters I purchased from Stay Ready Gear for my CZ P10 Compact. I purchased 2 different versions: one to carry with a standard mod-wing attachment, and the other to house my P10c along with an Olight PL-mini weaponlight, sporting a modified mod-wing. Check out the video and let me know what you think – #StayReady !


Kizer Knife Faceoff: Gemini vs. Gemini

Whats up Ladies-n-Gent’s?

I love collabs like the Ray Laconico/Kizer production model of the Jasmine, which was dubbed the Gemini. As a Gemini myself, I initially picked one up because the simplicity and awesome action really called to me. Then I thought… why not try the Vanguard version from Kizer as well? A DCS fan was kind enough to loan me his to check out and I was instantly hooked! But now came the hard part… which one was BETTER?? And with that… I decided on a dedicated video (see below) comparing and contrasting these two awesome Gemini’s… Continue reading “Kizer Knife Faceoff: Gemini vs. Gemini”