#DCSatBlade19 Giveaway details!!!


That’s right folks – first giveaway ever here on Daily Carry Solutions – and just in time for Blade Show 2019!

For those not in the know, Blade Show 2019 is taking place from June 7th-9th at the Cobb Energy Center. For those who will be there, follow these three simple steps and you can win one of the prizes in the video:

Step 1– Subscribe to my YouTube channel and Instagram (IG: http://www.instagram.com/DailyCarrySolutions)

Step 2– Take a picture or quick clip with me (or if you have something with the DCS logo) at a Blade Show booth

Step 3– upload the pic/clip onto Instagram and use the hashtag #DCSatBlade19

****** ALSO!!!! for those who are not attending – Win some swag for suggesting items you’d like to see in my Blade Show videos! comment below of what you are interested in seeing and if your idea is chosen, I’ll send some Blade Show swag your way !!

That’s it! Winners will be announced in an upcoming YouTube video post-Blade Show and on my instagram page. If your name is announced, be sure to contact me via my website or instagram to claim your prize.  (video below)

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Blade (Show) ’19 Banter! Tips & What to Expect

No outro, no music, no gear review this week – just the facts about the baddest knife show in the USA – Blade Show 2019! So as it stands, Blade Show is around the corner, and will begin on June 7th. Curious as to what you should expect? Wondering what really goes on there? Check out the video as I discuss tips to maximize your experience and some of what I plan to do when I arrive. Oh, and did someone say GIVEAWAY?? 🙂 well then, this gets interesting…

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Kizer Yorkie – S35VN Steel/Laconico Design

It’s no secret that Ray Laconico has carved himself into the short list of names that continually release quality knife designs. I’ve owned a few of his designs, and while I don’t have any of this custom’s, I have always liked the Yorkie folder.

Kizer took a cue out of his design book and collaborated with him to release a production version, and here it is! Now that I’ve had some time to carry and use it, this is my review.  Enjoy!! (video below)

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GiantMouse Ace Biblio – Game Over ???

Man I gotta tell you… it ain’t easy picking up a GiantMouse Ace Biblio in micarta these days! I just had to see what the fuss was about, so luckily one of my Instagram followers was kind enough to loan me one in Green Micarta to check out for a few weeks. Now that the search is over, is it really worth all of the hype surrounding it? who makes it? how does it stack up to other EDC knives? is the wire clip sturdy enough for EDC? Is it an office or everyday folder?

All these questions and more are answered in this video. To tell you the truth I’m gonna be sad giving this guy back to his owner but hopefully stock is replenished soon! Have you checked out GiantMouse knives yet? If not, you should!! (video below)

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Don’t Buy the Glock 48 (Read/Watch this First!)

Welcome back, DCS Crew! So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may know that Glock released two new single stack pistols earlier this year, each with a 10-round capacity: the Glock 43x and Glock 48.

Glock’s model 43 was already an excellent seller… and while most of the market was receptive to the new models,  you can save yourself some time and money by checking out this video and heeding my advice. Don’t pick up the G48! Why? Check out the video and sound off with your feedback below. Which do you prefer? (video below).

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New Knife Day (#NKD)!! Kizer, PMP, GiantMouse

You know what time it is??? It’s New Knife Day!! #NKD

What’s up DCS crew? Today we have a quick first impressions video on three knives that I’ve picked up recently: check out this unboxing of some new (to me) Kizer, GiantMouse, and PMP knives folders – I really couldn’t wait for full reviews of each one so I decided to do one big video on the three to show you what’s in store for the future. I’ve gotta say I really like all three, and they all seem to really excel in their intended purpose!! Which one is your favorite of the three? (video below)

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Knife Review – Zero Tolerance 0609 “Almost Perfect”

What is up DCS Crew! Today we are back at it with a Zero Tolerance knife review – in particular, we take a look at the ZT0609 from RJ and Matt Martin. After carrying it for a bit, there are a few small details that keep it from being an absolute perfect knife, but one thing kinda irked me… why didn’t they include a takedown tool?

Special appearance from Kershaw and MXG Gear in this episode. So here’s my question for today – IF you were Zero Tolerance and you put this knife together, how much would you charge for it?? (video below)

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