The ‘Definitive DCS SHOT Show 2020’ Playlist!

Holy Crap DCS Crew – Eric and I are back tag-teaming SHOT Show 2020!! That’s right ladies and gents… Vegas, baby… Vegas!!!

Eric and I were fortunate enough to have been put on assignment to participate as media for SHOT Show 2020…and while we have tackled Blade Show before, we were TOTALLY unaware of how huge the show would be!

Set in the Sands Expo Convention Center from January 21-24, 2020… Eric from the Outer Limitless channel (and myself of course) tackled everything from knives, firearms, accessories, backpacks, clothing, flashlights, and everything in between (including some hilariously epic bloopers!). It would be insane to individually post all 50 videos on the site, so I figured adding a playlist would be the best thing to do, seeing as how it is constantly updating each time a new video is uploaded.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think!


IT WORKS!!! Pro-Shot Products Metal Care Cloth

**Today’s Question: What do you typically use to protect your knives from rusting between usage? Sound off below with your answer!!**

What’s up DCS Crew! First and foremost, congratulations to Pro-Shot Products for their successful acquisition of Kleenbore!

That being said, I wanted to try out one of their products that is advertised to work as well on knives as it does on firearms, and that’s the Metal Care Cloth, Item #MMC from their product catalog.

The Pro-Shot Products website states that the re-usable cloth makes polish obsolete, cleaning all metal exteriors on firearms, including blued as well as stainless surfaces. It’s also touted as an able tarnish and surface rust remover. To top it off, it also works great to both clean and protect knives! That being said, I figured the semi-stainless D2 steel from the recently tested SK Blades Frontier could use some protecting, and put the Metal Care Cloth to the test. See video below for more info!

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MAIL CALL! Exclusive WayOfKnifeMI + EDC Gear House Unboxing

DCS Crew… We’ve Got Mail!

You know, one thing I hate is when I want to buy something, but don’t have the money at that moment. That’s why I hate window shopping. Of course, the moment I actually HAVE the money is when it’s sold out/unavailable…amiright? That happened for something exclusive that WayOfKnife+EDC Gear House had for sale – WHY CRUEL WORLD…WHY?!?!?!?

Anyways… I stayed in contact with WayOfKnifeMI / EDC Gear House and they were cool enough to inform me that limited inventory was in…and of course… I jumped on the opportunity! Check out what I bought below 🙂

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DCS 2020 – Shot Show/Swag/CoD Ps4 + More!!!


Please excuse the awful penmanship. I can assure you I write much better in cursive. LOL.

As you may already know, 2019 was a massive year and 2020 looks to be a crazy year to come !!
I wanted to make a video thanking you, the supporter, the viewer, the subscriber, for everything that you’ve contributed to the channel.
But aside from that, this video talks about some really cool stuff, like:

** Broadening the channel format
** More Co-op Videos!
** Shot Show 2020
** Shot Show YouTubers to check out ( ZACH’S STUFF: / BLADE BANTER: )
** Gear Check
** Unboxing Surprises
** The KNAFS Mat
** DCS Swag Swap Offer (!!!!)
** Are you on PS4?? Add Me! ( PSN: EYEKON0683 )
** 2020 = The Year of Mods ??

Man’o’Man I can’t wait for what 2020 brings!!


SK Blades Frontier – Buck Fixed Blade Review

What is up DCS Crew!
Today we take a look at the Buck Knives 104, aka the Compadre Camp Knife. Only, it’s not. Why, you say? Well it goes a little something like this…

SK Blades (Short for Silver Knights) has been providing quality small batch runs of Buck models with untapped potential, fully backed by Buck’s forever warranty. In this case, SK Blades created this model based on input from the Buck subgroup at BladeForums. Utilizing the quality leather from Hickman Saddlery out of Post Falls for its sheath, Idaho, the Full Tang fixed blade design was then sent to Buck, who brought this idea to life!

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MBK Sprocket : A Tale of Two Knives

A Tale of Two Knives continues this episode with Monterey Bay Knives! The Gerry McGinnis design aka the Sprocket is based on Gerry’s custom, which runs you a pretty penny if you can get your hands on one. MBK collaborated with McGinnis on 2 awesome designs that keep costs down while maintaining high quality production pieces. With 2 offerings (full Titanium and Carbon Fiber/Titanium), the collaboration has produced a definite looker that can perform as well. Personally, I thought the Carbon Fiber version was awesome, but the titanium model is nothing to scoff at either!

What do you think – Do you prefer Carbon Fiber or Titanium? Check out the video below!

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Bestech Texel – A Tale of Two Knives

What do you get when a firefighter turns knife collector, and THEN turns knife designer? Well, alot of things. You get custom, midtech, and production designs, for starters! Bestech took care of producing the Progeny for Adam Purvis, and in turn, released a budget knife based on his designs named the Texel.

Shoutout to Wes @ Bestech, Apex Passaround and most importantly… YOU for watching 🙂


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FFKW + DROP Mordax / Been Waitin’ For This One!!

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I had been waiting for a chance to get this knife in my hands since handling it at Blade Show 2019. Get this… Protech, Ferrum Forge, and Drop get together and release this USA-Made bad boy – based on the popular FFKW design – using premium materials for full production status. So was it worth the wait? Tune in and find out, of course! (VIDEO BELOW)

It won’t be available forever, so if you want to get your hands on one, be sure to check it out at : Continue reading “FFKW + DROP Mordax / Been Waitin’ For This One!!”

Ultimate Office EDC! Monterey Bay Knives EWC

I never thought my Spyderco UKPK in S110v would have compatition when it came to office pocket carry. Holy moly was I wrong… LOL. Enter the EWC – this awesome Ray Laconico design being offered through Monterey Bay Knives takes some of his awesome design elements and merges them with the modern slipjoint to create a lightweight, sleek pocket carry that admittedly has my UKPK shaking in it’s boots! Check out the review  below and let me know what you think of thise design from MBK! Shoutout to the Apex pass-around for making this all possible 🙂 So what’s your preferred office carry?

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Pocket Dump Time! November 2019

It’s the 1st edition of the DCS Pocket Dump! Well it seems this guy came out earlier than intended, but in any case, here you have it 🙂 How embarrassing that this is only my first Pocket dump video on the channel!

Aside from the fact that I like to match up my stuff with things that work well based on my current needs at that moment, it’s a great way to test out new combinations of gear and really find out what works!

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