Berg Blades ‘SLiM’ – Custom Quality Knife at Production Pricing

The SLiM is anything but slim, but has some interesting design points and a price that brings custom work scaled down to a more budget-oriented pocketbook. The knife is great for collectors that want a quality design that is a proven user, and with the choices available, there is definitely something for (almost) everyone! In this video I discuss the unique carbon fiber scales, compare it with some other small/medium sized knives both dimension-wise and in the pocket, as well as give an honest opinion after carrying it for some time.

Huge thanks to my IG buddy @Drakaar.noir84 for sending this mighty little knife over for review! That being said – what’s your favorite ‘Smedium’ sized knife that works for you?

Mass(DROP) X Brad Zinker Dogtooth Framelock – Better than the Custom???

What’s up DCS crew? We are back at it with an interesting production folder based on knife designer Brad Zinker’s custom wharncliffe. Brad is a well known member of the Florida Knifemaker’s Association and the Knifemaker’s Guild. Most importantly, his designs have been highly touted as the gold standard of gentleman’s folders, like the Urban Trapper. Previous collaborations include companies like Boker and you can find his designs using quality knife steels like Elmax, VG-10, CPM 154, ATS-34 and Damasteel, amongst others…but enough of that.

This review is about Brad’s collaboration with DROP aka the company formerly known as MassDrop, a comparison amongst several commonly carried knives in various sizes, and most importantly: Is this model actually better than the US-Made custom??


Limited Edition GiantMouse PVD Ti Biblio – Better than Micarta???

If you saw my initial review on the Ace Biblio, you’d already know that I view it as one of the best knives I’ve owned….period. For Blade Show 2019, GiantMouse decided to take the design further with limited edition titanium versions in both a stonewash and stonewashed PVD setup. I was lucky enough to pick up one of the 50 limited edition PVD versions, and after carrying it a bit, decided to do my review/comparison of it alongside the micarta model. Check out the video for some info on these similar, yet very different models. Also, GiantMouse plans on releasing a stonewashed titanium handled version with a satin blade very soon.

Given the choices, which would you choose – G10, Titanium, or Micarta? Sound off below and enjoy the video!


Kahr Arms K9 – Can it Compete Against Today’s Single Stacks??

Bottom Line, I’ll just say that the Kahr Arms K Series is a great line of concealed carry single-stack pistols. With the resurgence of concealed carry bringing about iconic designs such as the Sig P365, Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, the Glock 43, and many others, the question must be asked – is the Kahr K9 still relevant? Let’s find out!!


Today we go over the K9 and compare it to a few of the single stack firearms that many people are carrying today. Let’s see how it ‘stacks’ up!


Kahr Arms K9 – Quick Field Strip/Disassembly/Reassembly Tips!

One of the O.G. single stack offerings for concealed carry by Kahr Arms sports alot of really strong attributes. Unfortunately, one of the weaker points is how slick the slide is, which causes it to be a bit more difficult for some to take down with just 2 hands. Here I show you how I was able to field strip and reassemble the firearm with the help of my Olight S2 Baton. Hopefully this will help as you field strip your firearm for routine cleaning. I know it definitely did for me!


A (Quick) Nick Shabazz Story and Post-Blade Show Loot Haul

What’s up ladies and gents? To think it’s been a month since Blade Show 2019! Sorry for the brief hiatus – I had some stuff going on that is going to positively impact the channel during future episodes! So naturally, an obligatory post-Blade Show “Banter” was due! I talked a bit about a few of the exhibitors as well as a few of my acquisitions during and shortly after the show. And wouldn’t you know it… I have a story about Nick Shabazz as well!


For the record, this all would not have been as successful as it turned out to be had it not been for Eric from Outer Limitless and Mark from Extreme Edge Custom Kydex. Coming from different background gave the unique opportunity to tackle a bunch of different facets of Blade Show that people don’t always get to see. Plus, Eric is a wiz at shooting and editing footage! There’s no way I’d be able to take all the credit for the almost 40 AWESOME Blade Show videos. A big thanks also goes out to some of the larger YouTube reviewers who were very welcoming – it was a pleasure meeting Stassa23, Blade Banter, SliceyDicey, EyeSpy009, and a bunch of others 🙂 #knifebros