YouTuber to Watch: Outer Limitless

Before I even began the concept of starting Daily Carry Solutions, I scoured the ‘net looking for quality information on things I was interested in learning, or an honest opinion of something I considered purchasing. There are a lot of YouTube pages these days with people who run field tests and give reviews, but you have to sift through a lot of the same ‘cookie cutter’ information and pages with stellar reviews over gear they’ve only had for a week or so…so its always a great thing to find a Youtuber like Outer Limitless who really puts his work into his page, and puts each item he reviews to work! Eric from Outer Limitless is one such individual, and I am happy to have not only found his page, but to have collabed with him on one of his videos by providing a product for testing. He is a family man, a hard worker, and still finds the time to put together extensive reviews and test all kinds of gear based on his needs and hobbies. In fact, it’s due to his videos that I have been able to re-evaluate my needs for everyday use, and have been able to source (with his help and advice) some great gear that should do me well for years to come. You can catch his YouTube channel Outer Limitless updating constantly with fresh new content, but here is his intro to get things started (PS – he’s also in the band responsible for the channel’s music!):





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