Our Mascot, a Quick Update + Teaser!


So its been a very busy few weeks here at DCS HQ, and while I’d like to apologize for the lack of site updates, rest assured I have some really unique stuff in the horizon coming soon! The YouTube page is almost ready for launch and DCS has been in talks with companies like :Blue Alpha Gear, Kizer, Sofirn Flashlights, and Hybrid Armory. Be on the lookout for some quality products!

On a more important note… one of the main reasons I have not updated is because my 2 year old rescue dog Gaston recently had surgery to repair his ACL and torn Meniscus. Complications following his procedure resulted in patellar tendinitis, which has left him in lots of pain and swelling. It’s been an uphill battle as he is a very active dog and the main thing he needs in order to heal is rest. In the meantime, the staff at his veterinary specialist office has been extremely helpful and has been introducing cold laser therapy in order to facilitate a quicker healing process.




That being said, I (of course) always find a way to bring EDC into the equation, and it got me thinking… we prep ourselves for 12/24/72 hours, but what about our furry friends? It goes without saying that while they can live without alot of the things we do, basic things like medical supplies, food, water, a dish to put both in, waste disposal, any treatments/medicines, a leash, and items to keep him busy (like toys and training tools) are essential for pets during and following catastrophic event. That being said, I wanted to tease a little something I put together that will be discussed this week. Daily Carry Solutions and TravTac have worked together on this special project to develop what I like to call “Gaston’s Go-Bag”. More to come on this awesome little setup very soon, but in the meantime, check out this Teaser !



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