Blade Show 2018 – Bradford USA



First off in our Blade Show 2018 video series is Bradford USA, who took some time to showcase their Guardian line of fixed blades. Practically everything about this knife is customizable, from the blade type, steel, finish, scales all the way down to the sheath. [Read more…] At Blade Show, they had a really nice setup that caught my eye, and if it wasn’t because I had already overspent my budget, I would have picked up a black tumbled Guardian 3.5 with those awesome blue/black G10 scales that you see in the video. Don’t laugh about overspending my budget… I know I am not alone, and I can tell you there are a lot of unhappy significant others finding out how much was spent on some sharp swag from Blade!!!

… So anyhow, back to the subject – the Bradford Guardian line of fixed blades.


Interested in picking one up? FEEL FREE TO VISIT BRADFORD KNIVES – CLICK HERE.

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