EDC Hacks Ep. 01 – Optimize Your Gear (Holster Tips)

Hey everyone it’s Carlos from Daily Carry Solutions with a quick little video I’d like to call EDC Hacks.

EDC hacks are basically small adjustments to make your everyday carry setup streamlined. If you’ve carried enough gear like I have on an everyday basis you’ll know from experience how easy it is to end up with a large amount of items depending on your setup that day. So here’s a quick video to make sure you never have an issue finding the right holster setup depending on what firearm you plan to use. So before I start the video… a special thanks goes out to all of the holster makers listed in the credits – I own at least one from each company, and some of them have had me as a return customer.

Remember : If you EDC, think of DCS – DailyCarrySolutions.com

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