Custom Kizer Dukes w/ MIA Blade Works



Whats up DCS crew it’s Carlos and Welcome back to Daily Carry Solutions! We have a special presentation that’s been in the making for quite some time and I’m proud to say it’s been a collaborative effort between DCS and Nivardo Beaton, who owns MIA Blade Works in Miami, Florida. Now there is one knife in particular that I’ve been carrying pretty often from Kizer’s Vanguard series lately named the Dukes, which is a design from knife maker Matt Cuchiarra. There is one glaring detail that keeps the knife from being a must buy on everyone’s radar… and that’s the flipper tab on this guy. I mean it really fits the definition of a pocket pecker. It sticks out like a sore thumb and you can bet it’s going to peck on everything inside of your pocket. In fact with the right angle it kind of looks like a birds beak too. Simply put, this knife is in desperate need of a nose job. I really wanted to do something special with this knife so I reached out to Nivardo at MIA Blade Works and asked if he could take a look at it for me. Now for those who are unfamiliar, MIA Blade works offers professional sharpening services and is an authorized dealer for companies like Bradford USA, Hinderer Knives, Wicked Edge Sharpeners and several others. Over the years he’s worked on everything from fishing knives to tactical folders and if you want a professional edge on your blade, he is the guy and this is the place. Fore more info be sure to check out his website at


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