Ghost Inc. MOAB: Review + Install

Whats up DCS peeps? Wait a sec… another gun accessory review? Yup 🙂 gotta test the waters to see what warrants a strike on YouTube these days before I drop some real ‘pew pew science’ on here! hahaha

So onto the video – the folks at Ghost, Inc. in South Florida have some awesome baseplates for double stack Glock mags, and in this video, we use the GeePlate tool to remove the OEM Glock plates and install the MOAB’s. Afterwards we check out the difference between the two and point out a few things worth mentioning about the MOAB Baseplates. I guess what it all really boils down to… is the MOAB worth the buy? Stick around and find out by checking out my video below!

PS – Feel free to purchase the plates from Ghost Inc. here:

PSS – To purchase the tool used for this video (GeePlate GMT), click here, now offering FREE SHIPPING!:

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