Going, Going, GONE! DLT Trading Spyderco PM2 Tan G10/20CV Steel

Whats up DCS Crew? If you’ve ever owned a Spyderco, chances are you’ve heard about their exclusives/sprint runs. The Paramilitary 2 is no stranger to unique colors and steels… and DLT Trading recently released 600 of their ‘dealer exclusive’ models in Tan G10 and CPM 20CV steel exclusively on their site. As you may have guessed, they went quickly. How quickly you ask? IN LESS THAN 4 MINUTES !! So you can imagine my surprise when I was able to snag one directly from them – my first Paramilitary 2!!

This knife model has been reviewed repeatedly since its’ release but the truth is, I was really looking to pick up this version as it is a serious upgrade from their standard S30V model. Fun Fact – CPM 20CV is (chemically) very similar to Bohler M390 and Carpenter CTS204P.

—-   So my question is, what do you think is your favorite version of the PM2? (Video Below)    —-

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