A (Quick) Nick Shabazz Story and Post-Blade Show Loot Haul

What’s up ladies and gents? To think it’s been a month since Blade Show 2019! Sorry for the brief hiatus – I had some stuff going on that is going to positively impact the channel during future episodes! So naturally, an obligatory post-Blade Show “Banter” was due! I talked a bit about a few of the exhibitors as well as a few of my acquisitions during and shortly after the show. And wouldn’t you know it… I have a story about Nick Shabazz as well!


For the record, this all would not have been as successful as it turned out to be had it not been for Eric from Outer Limitless and Mark from Extreme Edge Custom Kydex. Coming from different background gave the unique opportunity to tackle a bunch of different facets of Blade Show that people don’t always get to see. Plus, Eric is a wiz at shooting and editing footage! There’s no way I’d be able to take all the credit for the almost 40 AWESOME Blade Show videos. A big thanks also goes out to some of the larger YouTube reviewers who were very welcoming – it was a pleasure meeting Stassa23, Blade Banter, SliceyDicey, EyeSpy009, and a bunch of others 🙂 #knifebros


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