Kizer Domin/Domin Mini: Azo’s OKC Rat 1 and 2??

Yep… I’m gonna go ahead an say it. If there was a company that was able to produce an equivalent to the Ontario Knife Company Rat 1 and 2, it’s Kizer and their Domin/Domin mini designs. With multiple G10 colors, to Japanese VG10 (or Bohler N690) steel, you have a pair of knives that can easily be one of the top EDC models under $60 today.


Should the Delica be scared of innovation? You be the judge as I talk about my time carrying both versions, and explain the similarities (and differences) of both Azo designs. I love his work with Kizer and this is definitely no exception! So… what version do you prefer – the mini or standard size Domin?


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