Limited Edition GiantMouse PVD Ti Biblio – Better than Micarta???

If you saw my initial review on the Ace Biblio, you’d already know that I view it as one of the best knives I’ve owned….period. For Blade Show 2019, GiantMouse decided to take the design further with limited edition titanium versions in both a stonewash and stonewashed PVD setup. I was lucky enough to pick up one of the 50 limited edition PVD versions, and after carrying it a bit, decided to do my review/comparison of it alongside the micarta model. Check out the video for some info on these similar, yet very different models. Also, GiantMouse plans on releasing a stonewashed titanium handled version with a satin blade very soon.

Given the choices, which would you choose – G10, Titanium, or Micarta? Sound off below and enjoy the video!


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