SOG Terminus XR – Wait… What?!?!?

While they’ve done a fantastic job on their backpacks and collaborations (watches, etc.), SOG has been a bit lackluster when it comes to their multi-tools and folding knives, which have largely been eclipsed by a market that is now saturated with both budget and higher end production knives that offer an exceptions value to performance ratio. That is… until now.

Possibly. Maybe? Perhaps…

SOG’s XR line has sought to prove that the company still has a few ace’s up their sleeve, and the Terminus XR seems to be no exception. Check out the review to see what I think of the carbon fiber model, as well as my thoughts on how they could have approached the XR folding knife itself. It’s got a lot of strong points, and in my opinion is a large step for them in the right direction.


*** Huge thanks to Jay at the Knife Beater for sending this little guy over


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