IT WORKS!!! Pro-Shot Products Metal Care Cloth

**Today’s Question: What do you typically use to protect your knives from rusting between usage? Sound off below with your answer!!**

What’s up DCS Crew! First and foremost, congratulations to Pro-Shot Products for their successful acquisition of Kleenbore!

That being said, I wanted to try out one of their products that is advertised to work as well on knives as it does on firearms, and that’s the Metal Care Cloth, Item #MMC from their product catalog.

The Pro-Shot Products website states that the re-usable cloth makes polish obsolete, cleaning all metal exteriors on firearms, including blued as well as stainless surfaces. It’s also touted as an able tarnish and surface rust remover. To top it off, it also works great to both clean and protect knives! That being said, I figured the semi-stainless D2 steel from the recently tested SK Blades Frontier could use some protecting, and put the Metal Care Cloth to the test. See video below for more info!

If you’re interested in picking up one of these for your firearm/knife collection, feel free to use my Amazon link here:

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