FFKW + DROP Mordax / Been Waitin’ For This One!!

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I had been waiting for a chance to get this knife in my hands since handling it at Blade Show 2019. Get this… Protech, Ferrum Forge, and Drop get together and release this USA-Made bad boy – based on the popular FFKW design – using premium materials for full production status. So was it worth the wait? Tune in and find out, of course! (VIDEO BELOW)

It won’t be available forever, so if you want to get your hands on one, be sure to check it out at : Continue reading “FFKW + DROP Mordax / Been Waitin’ For This One!!”

Ultimate Office EDC! Monterey Bay Knives EWC

I never thought my Spyderco UKPK in S110v would have compatition when it came to office pocket carry. Holy moly was I wrong… LOL. Enter the EWC – this awesome Ray Laconico design being offered through Monterey Bay Knives takes some of his awesome design elements and merges them with the modern slipjoint to create a lightweight, sleek pocket carry that admittedly has my UKPK shaking in it’s boots! Check out the review  below and let me know what you think of thise design from MBK! Shoutout to the Apex pass-around for making this all possible 🙂 So what’s your preferred office carry?

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Pocket Dump Time! November 2019

It’s the 1st edition of the DCS Pocket Dump! Well it seems this guy came out earlier than intended, but in any case, here you have it 🙂 How embarrassing that this is only my first Pocket dump video on the channel!

Aside from the fact that I like to match up my stuff with things that work well based on my current needs at that moment, it’s a great way to test out new combinations of gear and really find out what works!

Of course, some stuff includes a neat little story… Continue reading “Pocket Dump Time! November 2019”

Blade Buffet aka the DCS Knife Party! Nov 2019

Whats up guys – man I gotta say it’s a good time to be working on the channel. I have so much material coming up that I wanted to take a moment and showcase some of the knives you will be seeing in upcoming videos. Check out the offerings from Ganzo, Buck, Protech, Monterey Bay Knives, SOG, and some additional banter from yours truly, of course =)

Question of the day is… what’s your favorite current/upcoming release?


DLT Trading Exclusive Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight in M390

Question: Considering all of the past/currently released versions, what is your favorite configuration of the Para 3? Being a huge Para 3 fan, Spyderco had set the bar pretty high with an excellent knife that took much of its design cues from the iconic Paramilitary 2.

They’ve managed to shave off even more weight and address some small issues by taking things a step further and releasing a lightweight version of the Para 3, sporting BD1N steel and FRN handles…. but I wasn’t about to pick one up.

Why? Because I was interested in picking up one of the spring runs or even a limited production version for a little more money, with better steel.

And POOF! DLT Trading swoops in to save the day with this Crimson FRN/M390 limited production! Folks, I can’t stress this enough – DLT Trading ROCKS. If you have a chance, check them out and place an order through them. They accept Paypal and process/ship their knives LIGHTNING fast! …so now that we have that out of the way, an important question remains: WAS THIS WORTH THE WAIT? Check out the video below and find out 😉

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SOG Terminus XR – Wait… What?!?!?

While they’ve done a fantastic job on their backpacks and collaborations (watches, etc.), SOG has been a bit lackluster when it comes to their multi-tools and folding knives, which have largely been eclipsed by a market that is now saturated with both budget and higher end production knives that offer an exceptions value to performance ratio. That is… until now.

Possibly. Maybe? Perhaps…

SOG’s XR line has sought to prove that the company still has a few ace’s up their sleeve, and the Terminus XR seems to be no exception. Check out the review to see what I think of the carbon fiber model, as well as Continue reading “SOG Terminus XR – Wait… What?!?!?”

We Knife Co Stonefish – Crazy Sharp Fixed Blade

DCS Crew, I hope you’re ready for your ‘FIX’, because here it comes! Mike Emler, an extremely talented knife sharpener and the man behind Crazy Sharp, has partnered with WE Knife Co. to produce an awesome fixed blade design dubbed the Stonefish. Unbeknownst to many, I actually use fixed blades more than folders, so this is a review I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time! A huge thank you goes out to both Mike and the Apex Passaround for setting this up. I think we may have a winner here – watch as I go into detail about the design and usage of the blade, and where it fits in comparison to some of my fixed blade collection.

Did WE shake up the market for fixed blades? I guess you’ll have to watch below and find out. Continue reading “We Knife Co Stonefish – Crazy Sharp Fixed Blade”