Bestech Torpedo – 1st Impressions – D2 Budget Awesomeness!



Whats up DCS Crew – Today’s review is a first impressions on a recently released flipper from Bestech, the Torpedo. With the exception of the hard detent, this is an excellent budget flipper in D2, and with several models available, it’s worth checking out!

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Custom Kizer Dukes w/ MIA Blade Works



Whats up DCS crew it’s Carlos and Welcome back to Daily Carry Solutions! We have a special presentation that’s been in the making for quite some time and I’m proud to say it’s been a collaborative effort between DCS and Nivardo Beaton, who owns MIA Blade Works in Miami, Florida. Now there is one knife in particular that I’ve been carrying pretty often from Kizer’s Vanguard series lately named the Dukes, which is a design from knife maker Matt Cuchiarra. There is one glaring detail that keeps the knife from being a must buy on everyone’s radar… Continue reading “Custom Kizer Dukes w/ MIA Blade Works”

Part 1 – The $400 EDC Challenge !!



PART 1 OF 2: What’s up DCS Crew and welcome back to the channel! So a friend of mine was discussing EDC gear and firearms with me, and we got to talking about what we were carrying and how it’s evolved over the years.

The conversation got into how much certain things cost, like ammo, holsters, firearm etc. and I said a lot of the costs that people throw into their load-out is really just for false peace of mind, and that for around the cost of the average Glock (say $500) that I could get an entire EDC setup. He had a good laugh and told me it was damn near impossible to get a good quality setup for that much so then I got to thinking… What if I could come up with an EDC setup for even less? say … I dunno… $400?

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