Kizer Mini Sheepdog – Better Than Expected

Ok… So by now if you are reading this, you’ve seen the name of this video. I have to be honest, I had not expected the knife to be good as it was. That being said, I think it hits a niche market and with different handles, blade steels, and sizes, Kizer has a ‘Sheepdog’ for pretty much anyone looking for the right fit. This is the mini version, with Titanium scales and S35vn Steel – a real treat that flips extremely well, and has surprising ergos.

I’ll try not to give too much away though as this video goes in-depth on the Kizer Mini Sheepdog. Take a look at the review and let me know what you think! Do you prefer the mini, standard, or XL version?

In-Depth Review : Damned Designs Oni Prototype

Ok, so let me get this straight: Layered Carbon Fiber/G10, titanium options, framelock/linerlock, S35vn Steel, AND starting at $80? Ok, you’ve got my attention – let’s talk! Welcome back to an awesome first here on the channel, DCS crew! Today we get to check out an up close review on the Oni, a small yet capable front flipper from Damned Designs. Size comparisons, pros, cons, final thoughts – you know how I do 😉

This video could not have been possible without the combined efforts of both Damned Designs as well as the Apex Passaround – a huge thank you goes out to both camps! Be sure to check out the Oni at, or if you happen to be attending Blade Show West ’19, pass by table J11 and you can see both the G10/Carbon Fiber and Titanium models first-hand! If you aren’t able to drop in and see it in person, no worries – chances are Blade Banter will have some video from the show. Be sure to check him out at for more info.

Speaking of Damned Designs, they have a few other models slated for release – among them, the Wraith, Basilisk, and the Yokai. Which are you looking forward to? Let me know, and maybe, just maybe, Damned Designs could get one of the models over to DCS for review!

GLOCKTOBER FEST!! My Personal Glock 43

Welcome back DCS Crew 🙂 Did you miss me? Of course you did! And for that, I’ve got some awesome material coming up on the pipeline – but first, just a quick homage to ‘Glocktober’ here on the DCS page with one of my favorite concealed carry pistols, and that’s the Glock 43. Not just ANY Glock 43, but my personal modded G43. All of the upgrades have been installed by me, so if you feel the need to DIY whenever you feel like modding something from stock, Glock is a very user-friendly platform with loads of options for you to make it run exactly how you want.

Take a listen and check out some of my personal upgrades on this pistol, and stay tuned for some more updates coming soon!

Also, I figured I’d ask your opinion – do you prefer to keep your carry pistols stock, or do you modify them (testing for function, of course) to your liking?

Kizer ZipSlip (Vanguard Model) – EverFlush Awesomeness

It’s Slippy Time! Mike Vagnino has had the Bladesmith version of the ZipSlip out for a while, and due to the success of this awesome non-locking model, it was only natural that the Vanguard model in G10 and N690 steel was an obvious progression. These come in multiple colors and sport the same deep carry clip/EverFlush Backbar in a cost-effective package. This video looks into the other slipjoint options I currently EDC as well as my thoughts after carrying this knife for different functions.

If you are interested in this knife and are on the fence about it… do yourself a favor and check out my 2 cents!

Alliance Designs Scout – Production Does the Custom Justice!

Alliance Designs has been on fire this year with their releases! This one in particular is a mighty mouse of a knife based on Pat Hammond’s custom folder, and wow, does it do the custom justice! Check out my thoughts on this slicey little gents folder, along with my brief explanation of the blade steel RWL-34.

Interested in picking one up?

Be sure to check out the different colors on sale at Urban EDC Supply here: Alliance Designs Scout – Urban EDC Supply

Last but not least – a big shoutout goes to Eden at Alliance Designs as well as for the great info on blade steel – be sure to check them out and subscribe to their email list, as they send over new articles and information on blade steel often.

Kizer Mini Domin – MXG Deep Carry Clip Mod (Link in Description)

Whats up DCS crew? As with other Kizer knives, some of them just lack small details – in this case, it’s the pocket clip. It’s not bad, but the knife definitely benefits from a deep carry clip. Luckily I’ve got just the thing in mind from MXG Gear!

Link to the compatible clip is here (via MXG Gear website):


Kizer Domin/Domin Mini: Azo’s OKC Rat 1 and 2??

Yep… I’m gonna go ahead an say it. If there was a company that was able to produce an equivalent to the Ontario Knife Company Rat 1 and 2, it’s Kizer and their Domin/Domin mini designs. With multiple G10 colors, to Japanese VG10 (or Bohler N690) steel, you have a pair of knives that can easily be one of the top EDC models under $60 today.


Should the Delica be scared of innovation? You be the judge as I talk about my time carrying both versions, and explain the similarities (and differences) of both Azo designs. I love his work with Kizer and this is definitely no exception! So… what version do you prefer – the mini or standard size Domin?