Ghost Inc. MOAB: Review + Install

Whats up DCS peeps? Wait a sec… another gun accessory review? Yup 🙂 gotta test the waters to see what warrants a strike on YouTube these days before I drop some real ‘pew pew science’ on here! hahaha

So onto the video – the folks at Ghost, Inc. in South Florida have some awesome baseplates for double stack Glock mags, and in this video, we use the GeePlate tool to remove the OEM Glock plates and install the MOAB’s. Afterwards we check out the difference between the two and point out a few things worth mentioning about the MOAB Baseplates. I guess what it all really boils down to… is the MOAB worth the buy? Stick around and find out by checking out my video below!

PS – Feel free to purchase the plates from Ghost Inc. here:

PSS – To purchase the tool used for this video (GeePlate GMT), click here, now offering FREE SHIPPING!:

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Gear Review: GEEPLATE “GMT” (Glock Magazine Tool) Worth it or Worthless?

Whats up DCS Crew? Today’s review is on the GeePlate GMT (Glock Magazine Tool). It’s a tough polymer mini tool meant to work with a large variety of Glock’s double-stack magazines and is said to be a great way to remove mag plates for maintenance and/or switching plates.

So the question is… DOES IT WORK? Well, let’s find out!! Check out the video below for more info.

P.S.: Purchase a GeePlate GMT (FREE SHIPPING!) for your gun maintenance or range bag here:

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Gear Upgrade! WiHa/Cur Knives Bit Driver

The only thing better than a good knife is good equipment to keep it running 100%

That being said, here are two great options on opposite sides of the cost spectrum that I highly recommend for your EDC toolkit. The first one is the Wiha slim bit driver, and the other is a custom built driver and kit from Cur Knives – while both do the job, I gotta say that the Cur Knives bit driver has me spoiled!

Purchase these items here:

– Wiha Bit Driver set:

– Cur Knives Custom Bit Driver Set:

Check out the video below for more info!

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Essential EDC “PayPal” Tips & Tricks !!

Whats new DCS crew – I use PayPal constantly to pay for my online purchases. It’s a great tool… but if you aren’t careful, your account funds can easily be frozen (or worse) for violation of the Terms of Service…

Simply put, you can’t technically sell and buy knives (and some EDC gear) with PayPal. BUT… there are ways to stay under the radar…AND I’m also gonna show you a feature to get your shipping money back should you have to send back items you don’t need.

Check out the video below for more info! 🙂

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Knife Review: Ruike “Fang” P105-K

In the words of Ben from Blade HQ…. WHATTTT ISSSS UPPPP GUYSSSS??? Hahaha!

I’m back at it again with another knife review – this time, we look at a smooth flippin’ knife from Ruike Knives. Today I answer a few questions and give my honest feedback on this knife based on real-time carry experience. Questions will be answered, like what does Fenix Flashlights have to do with this knife? Or, Is this knife worth listening to this freakin’ video for damn near half an hour? Check out the video for more info! 🙂 Continue reading “Knife Review: Ruike “Fang” P105-K”

Are CZ P10c and Glock19 Holsters Compatible? Let’s Find Out !!

Hey there DCS crew – so the StayReadyGear video I posted a few episodes back shows off some quality kydex gear for my P10c (Click Here for Video) …. but after hearing that it may be compatible with some other firearms (like the Glock 19), we put that claim to the test, adding a few other holsters to the mix to see what works, and what doesn’t!

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Knife Review: Real Steel G5 Metamorph

Whats up DCS peeps? Today’s review is on the Real Steel G5 Metamorph, a budget front flipper that sports a sleek design and an awesome action through the use of ball bearings. Not a bad knife at all, though some improvements could be made. Kudos to Real Steel for putting out a good quality front flipper at under $100 Check out the video below for more info! Continue reading “Knife Review: Real Steel G5 Metamorph”