GLOCKTOBER FEST!! My Personal Glock 43

Welcome back DCS Crew 🙂 Did you miss me? Of course you did! And for that, I’ve got some awesome material coming up on the pipeline – but first, just a quick homage to ‘Glocktober’ here on the DCS page with one of my favorite concealed carry pistols, and that’s the Glock 43. Not just ANY Glock 43, but my personal modded G43. All of the upgrades have been installed by me, so if you feel the need to DIY whenever you feel like modding something from stock, Glock is a very user-friendly platform with loads of options for you to make it run exactly how you want.

Take a listen and check out some of my personal upgrades on this pistol, and stay tuned for some more updates coming soon!

Also, I figured I’d ask your opinion – do you prefer to keep your carry pistols stock, or do you modify them (testing for function, of course) to your liking?

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