In-Depth Review : Damned Designs Oni Prototype

Ok, so let me get this straight: Layered Carbon Fiber/G10, titanium options, framelock/linerlock, S35vn Steel, AND starting at $80? Ok, you’ve got my attention – let’s talk! Welcome back to an awesome first here on the channel, DCS crew! Today we get to check out an up close review on the Oni, a small yet capable front flipper from Damned Designs. Size comparisons, pros, cons, final thoughts – you know how I do 😉

This video could not have been possible without the combined efforts of both Damned Designs as well as the Apex Passaround – a huge thank you goes out to both camps! Be sure to check out the Oni at, or if you happen to be attending Blade Show West ’19, pass by table J11 and you can see both the G10/Carbon Fiber and Titanium models first-hand! If you aren’t able to drop in and see it in person, no worries – chances are Blade Banter will have some video from the show. Be sure to check him out at for more info.

Speaking of Damned Designs, they have a few other models slated for release – among them, the Wraith, Basilisk, and the Yokai. Which are you looking forward to? Let me know, and maybe, just maybe, Damned Designs could get one of the models over to DCS for review!

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